greenstone (

“1 mile SE of Callington on the A388,

from the S side of which a lane leads to Westcott. Site lies on hillside to N. First recognised as a Neolithic henge in 1951, the somewhat ploughed down bank and internal ditch cover an area 90m in diameter. An indistinct entrance occurs on the south side, but there appears to be no corresponding causeway over the ditch. There is no visible evidence to suggest that there were any internal stone or timber settings. Like Cornwall’s other two surviving henges...this site was positioned close to a major prehistoric trackway; trade may have played a part in the function of the henge. Balstone Down, close to the north, was the source of greenstone for the manufacture of Neolithic axes. The bank of the henge reaches a height of 1.0m; the maximum depth of the ditch is 1.2m.