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BRENT KNOLL {Knoll, rounded hill top near the village of Brent)

.—About six miles S.S.E. of Uphill by the road A. 3 70, Brent Knoll is best reached through the village of East Brent. It is a matter of getting to the top. The regular path for pedestrians is from the church to the flagstaff at the N.E. angle of the Camp on the summit. A car can get closer, but you scramble up for the last part your own way. When through E. Brent village, turn left {i.e. S.W.), by a road which has no signpost, over the hill. This brings one near the Camp on its W. side, and ultimately down into Brent Knoll village. The Camp is pear-shaped, with an area of about 4 acres; its higher and long curved side being to the S. where the hill is steepest. The entrance is in the middle of the E. side, and a terraced way leads up to it from a pond below. At the entrance both ends of the vallum are considerably splayed, and the S. end projects outside the N., and is more blunt, with space for a guardhouse. About 40 feet below the vallum, outside, there is a scarped terrace all round. At the highest point is a stone which commemorates Jubilee bonfires of 1887 and 1897, and coronation bonfires of 1902 and 1911. In the interior is a peculiar curved ridge