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Apart from fishing and agriculture

       the main economic resource of the Dumnonii was tin mining , the tin having been exported since ancient times from the port of Ictis ;

Then again towards the North of Europe, there is evidently a quantity of  gold by far larger than in any other land:

as to how it is got , here again I am not able to say for certain ,but it is said to be carried off from the  griffins  by Arimaspians, a one-eyed race of men.

But I do not believe this tale either, that nature produces one-eyed men which in all other respects are like other men.

However,it would seem that the extremities which bound the rest of the world on every side and enclose it in the midstpossess the things which by us are thought to be the most beautiful and the most rare.

This is a point in which all Devonians”and,indeed,dwellers in the three western counties of Somerset , Devon and Cornwall  may be especially interested.

  Dumnonia  like “ Demetia ” and “ Demetica regio ,"

 is a very ancient geographical term and the        Dumnonii certainly go back to Roman times and were noted for their sea fairing qualities.