halge drew aldebaran pre caesar Synod  mistletoe ivy many merlins solstice period
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           Howmerlinever  ,  that  does  not happen   by  magic   

                                                    Fodd bynnag ,  nid drwy hud a lledrith y digwydd hynny

    Magic mushroom Madarch hud

  charm, magic, enchantment =  cyfaredd


  EA Ébhadh        snámchaín feda

"fair-swimming letter"

  cosc lobair"admonishing of an infirm person"

                   caínem éco"      fairest fish"

From brean to bleadon to axe to cheddar to wells to glastonbury we have many old burial mounds suggesting to me that the neolithic living on this raised plateau looked over the somerset levels which were possibaly uninhabitable.

The distance from south wales nowadays indicates that south gloucester being dobunni territory was around the river severn and that the mouth of the river and the levels mingle

 The burial cairn at stony littleton is similar to other cairns in gloucester

Belas Knap is a neolithic chambered long barrow, situated on Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham and Winchcombe, in Gloucestershire, England

With another cairn at the area behind Kelston nr Bath

 The point of reference to who was where we have them mentioned at Weston super mare in particular at worlebury camp somerset

The geography of this area must be much changed from 3000yrs ago

Looking for a characateur of merlin and also camelot  well consider this that early leaders took advice and the magician ….see brutus ,