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The campaign against the Durotriges and Dumnonii tribes.

Although it was recorded as suffering a defeat at the hands of the  Silures in 52,

 the II Augusta proved to be one of the best legions,

 even after its disgrace during the uprising of queen Boudica,

when its praefectus castrorum, who was then its acting commander (its legatus and tribunes probably being absent with             the governor Suetonius Paulinus), contravened Suetonius’ orders to join him and so later committed suicide.

After the defeat of Boudica,

the legion was dispersed over several bases; from 66 to around 74 it was stationed at Glevum (modern Gloucester), and then moved to Isca Augusta (modern Caerleon), building a stone fortress that the soldiers occupied until the end of the 3rd century. The legion also had connections with the camp at Alchester in Oxfordshire; stamped tiles record it in the 2nd century at    Abonae (Sea Mills, Bristol) on the tidal shore of the Avon

The port of Abonae was an embarkation stage for troops going to Siluria.

Then to wales by ship to fetch back gold , copper  From welsh mines via Isca Augusta (modern Caerleon)